Over 20 Years of international experience in machine building, (industrial) automation, service & support, sales, project supervision and process industry. How does this all come together?

At the beginning of my carrier I started as a maintenance technician at a small maintenance supplier. Here I was introduced to all aspects of technique and technology. This led eventually to machine building, mainly packaging machines. By building the mechanical part as well as the controls and automation of this equipment it came very clear to me that defining interfaces is of the highest importance to make equipment work well. This (interfaces) is the main bottleneck in communication.

After nine years it was time for my first career step and I worked for over 4 years at a worldwide service desk of a producer in dosing equipment of paint and ink for the printing and textile industry. By supporting customers as well as our own field service technicians, the feedback to the various engineering departments and by visiting customers myself I have developed myself in analysing and tracking technical errors, operator or design errors. And of course communicating with customers in trouble.

After a short time in a maintenance department of a production company I switched to the process industry. First at sales support but within two years I switched to sales. From spare part to project solution for mainly R&D set ups to pilot plants or small production plants.

Projects from € 10.000,- to  € 1.000.000,- stock delivery or projects with a lead time of 3 years. Each visit or project has a different background and demands a different approach. To guide this good people skills for the client and the situation are a necessity to choose the right approach.

In all these situations I have been in contact with many international clients and suppliers and also their culture and habits. Here every situations asks for its own approach and communication style.