Function description

You know what you want to purchase or what the problem is that you want to solve. But how to get this written down in a Request for Quotation or job description? Here Technical Sales & Services can support you. By determining in a clear way what is needed or has to be done so you get comparable quotations which you can compare one on one. Think of the following occasions:

  • Scope of supply
  • Interfaces
  • Automation
  • Signal type
  • Who delivers what
  • Data acquisition, what values at what interval
  • Plugs, male or female
  • Communication protocol
  • Excluding double delivery‚Äôs
  • Turn-Key delivery, what is included?

A lot of suppliers say standard or included in their quotations. But what is included or what standard is used? By supplying a clearly written functional description a lot of ambiguities can be prevented and the time invested in the functional description is won back fair and square in the purchasing and installation process. This shortens the overall lead-time of the project to a minimum and annoyances are prevented.